Art in the Later Years

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I love it when people over 70 tell me they’re too old to learn to draw.  I tell them the story about my friend, Dottie, who bought herself an organ when she was 78. When one of her friends asked her, “Dottie, do you realize how old you’ll be by the time you learn to play the organ?” She answered, “The same age I’ll be if I don’t learn to play the organ.”

Isn’t that a great response? 

The same can be said about learning to draw, speak a different language, or anything else for that matter. I always encourage Residents to try something new. They don’t have jobs to rush off to, kids to raise, or other obligations, so they have plenty of time to pursue an interest and find their passion.

Portrait drawing  requires focus but no more than any other activity that helps improve brain function. Creating faces full of character, color and expression is not only fun, it’s a relaxing and rewarding experience.

It’s never too late to discover a hidden talent. Take a look…