“A Lasting Impression”

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Mary Cassatt’s “Head of a Young Girl” inspired my above painting, “A Lasting Impression,” in acrylics and pastel on canvas. My goal was to work quickly and go for a mood or effect, rather than focus on detail. I wanted the viewer’s eyes to fill in what’s missing and evoke an overall feeling in them. This is me dabbling in impressionism.

Because I’ve mostly been drawing in pencil and ink, I kept wanting to create strands of hair, add individual lashes, place a recognizable hand near her cheek, but thankfully I stopped myself. Many times.

When I finally let myself go, I felt more relaxed painting this way; even though some thought was given to the placement of the features, it was all play after that.

Below is Mary Cassatt’s painting in pastel on paper.

She has many great works depicting family life, friendships and fashion. To see more, click here. To learn more about Impressionism, I found this great little video you might like.