Charcoal Portrait in 18 X 24

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I’ve been falling in love with charcoal and like anything else, to get better at it, I practice daily. I always tell those in my portrait drawing classes, when trying something new, we are all beginners, but not for long.

I keep the Newsprint set up in my dining room so I always have a work in progress to share with those walking through the front door. The drawer (on the right of the drawing, which you can’t really see) where I used to keep all the tablecloths, fancy napkins and taper candles, is now my official stash box.  It’s where I keep my willow and compressed charcoal, rubbing stumps, erasers, and sandpaper block for easy access and cleanup. No one has to know…but now you do.

I remember when I started taking art seriously an Instructor telling me to work BIG…18 X 24. I did it for a few months and then went for 6 X 8 mixed media paper that I could easily take on the road with me. As my vision gets worse I’m starting to listen to old advice and I see the benefits of working larger. It makes more of a statement, don’t you think? You cannot ignore a face this size staring at you when you walk into a house…and you can’t ignore the pups’ faces either.

Happy Weekend! xo