Charcoal Portraits with Other Media

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After experimenting with charcoal alone it’s fun to add other media into the mix, just to see what happens.

Here’s the effect from using red ink and a dropper. I left a few areas untouched on the lips for a lighter value and shine.

This “Rainy Day Girl” came about with some old black ink I found in a drawer. I just used the plastic tip on the cap to dab and draw in a few selected areas and it sort of worked. Wish I could cheer her up!

Finally, there’s my my latest extreme closeup made with a little help from a Conté stick. I’ve actually been using the white Conté to add more highlights to some of my previous work. It complements the charcoal nicely.

Out of these three,  I liked using red ink the best. Although it’s not forgiving, it makes an impact. A pop of red always does.

Have fun experimenting and remember to use a paper that can handle it all. I’ve found that the Strathmore 300 Series Mixed Media Pads or 300 Series Watercolor Paper handle the wet media nicely.