Drawing Images, Designs and Patterns in Ink

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With pens and markers, thick paper and a little imagination, we can all create interesting works of art. 

For starters, any paper will do and inexpensive Sharpies (or washable markers) in a variety of sizes will work just fine. Note: When using a thin sheet, like copy paper, it’s important to place something absorbent underneath, such as cardboard, as the ink may bleed through the paper.

Creating patterns helps us relax; it’s like therapy. We can search the internet for ideas and inspiration…

…however, our most interesting and meaningful drawings come from our own imaginations when we let ourselves go.

Here are some of my more detailed works in Sharpies and fade-resistant artists pens (Micron and PITT) on Strathmore 400 series Mixed Media paper:

With portrait drawing, after the features are placed, everything else is mostly freestyle, intuitive, and meditative…a right-side-of-the-brain activity…where the magic happens.

I’m currently working on a “Meditative Ink Drawing” class and it’s all about creating unique images using pattern and design and finding peace in repetition. It’s about to get interesting.

NOTE: Some of the above images were made using Tombow Dual Brush Pens as well. Love them, too!

Portraits inspired by Inspirational Women…aka "Meditative Misses (along with a Prince, Princess and Picasso)

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