Another Portrait Inspired by The Beatles

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“Picture yourself in a boat on a river…”

“Marmalade Skies” is another 16″ X 20″ piece in acrylics. This is a perfect canvas size for portraits and it feels good to work larger.

Some say she looks like Winona Ryder, but the whole process was intuitive and the face came from my imagination…as well as everything else. I’m loving the meditative flow that happens when I work the designs onto the hair, hat and bottom of the clouds, among other places.

I’m also noticing my own repetitive pattern as I complete these portraits. I’m seeing 3D effects, large almond eyes, bright lips, pops of color on b & w subjects, meaningful accessories, higher contrast, heavy outlines, less realism…a more playful style, I guess.

I need to search for some good mood music.