Abstract Portraits

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I’m trying to leave more to the interpretation of the viewer with these abstract portraits. I also like the freedom of allowing the brush to take me where it wants to go. It’s the acrylic form of meditation.

Of course, some thought is given to the shape of the face and where the features will go. From drawing faces as long as I have. it becomes moreĀ  natural to where I don’t have to think too much about placement and proportion.

In the beginning I pay close attention to the direction of the face, making sure the features line up while remembering to keep things loose. I think about value, going dark in the shade, light in the lights and bringing out a highlight here and there. I also try to balance the colors. Too much of one color on the top left? Add the same color to the bottom right…and so on.

Throughout I think of what my subject is trying to say; what’s her story? In the end, she has one and the beauty is that part is done intuitively, almost accidentally, which is why I love this process. I’m just as surprised by the end result as the viewer.