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With this piece, “Yesterday’s Promise,” I wanted to capture the imagination of the viewer. It needed to tell a story, not only with the expression of the subject but with composition, color and texture. 

Like with almost everything I’ve been painting lately, the brush, knife, and fingertips seem to have a mind of their own, and I no longer question where things are heading; I let them happen and, if necessary, make changes after I walk away for a while and return to the canvas (or paper) with fresh eyes. It’s rare that I finish a painting in one day.

With as much practice as I’ve had drawing the face and figure (and I still practice), I can say the process is more intuitive now. I rarely use a reference photo, and why it works  more often than not is because I’ve exercised the muscles needed to create what feels and looks right to me. I’m striving for a looser painting style, which I believe will come with time.

My goal is to create more emotional pieces where the viewer completes the story as he/she connects with the subject. I believe the world could use a little more heart in its art and I hope my work is reflecting this.