Sunday by the Sea with Mr. C

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Wally Clark holding my “Sunday by the Sea” Painting

I love it when after purchasing one of my paintings, the buyer sends me a photo of the framed painting hanging on a wall inside their home. It always makes me smile.

Writer/Photographer, Wally Clark, took it a step further and sent me this wonderful photo of himself holding the painting on what looks like his front porch. It immediately made my day when I saw it.

This series of paintings, including “Women Who Wear Hats,” are traveling to all parts of the US and it’s a beautiful thing. Most of the subjects seem a little mysterious, as you can’t see the windows to their souls, but you can tell a lot about a woman in the way she carries herself without necessarily making eye contact.

The inspiration for these pieces comes from everyday conversations with women about hopes, fears, dreams and realizations. The paintings may not be able to talk, but the brushstrokes and knife marks don’t lie; they speak their truth.

I’m often asked why I don’t sell prints for this series, and all I can say is that these women were not made to be put behind glass. They are all originals and their marks are made to be felt.