“Walk This Way” – A stay-at-home order doesn’t mean we can’t take walks around our neighborhoods and enjoy the view. 4/1/2020
“These Boots Were Made for Dancing” – Yes, we can still dance! Btw, at the bottom right where the ink spilled into more blobs, they had to be turned into boots. Yep, they’re boots now. #bobrossmoment 4/2/2020
“I Cannot Tell a Lie” – A series of 4″ X 6″ and 5″ X 7″ watercolor postcards are in the works. Snail mail…it has its charms. 4/3/2020
“Don’t Shoot the Messenger” – A trip to the post office is considered essential business, especially when waiting on a paycheck. 4/4/2020
“Keep Calm and Wear Hats” – Dress up is not just for kids and neither are tea/espresso parties and puzzles. Have fun with what you’ve got and stay well, friends! 4/7/2020
“Sealed with a Kiss” – Writing to friends we can’t visit is another way of communicating during this time of social distancing…and who doesn’t like mail art? 4/8/2020
“Hike For Hope” – Today’s blob art was saved with a black Sharpie. Ink accidentally fell all over the side of her face and I decided to give her some wild, dark hair to cover it up. This one’s called “Hike for Hope” because she’s not totally hopeless…and neither are we. Keep moving, friends, and have a great night! 4/16/2020
“Her Favorite Spots” – Yes, that’s where she’s heading. She’s on her way to the living room, followed by the dining area, then the pool deck for a good read before she heads to the front porch for a Happy Hour drink. Social distancing at its finest. 4/17/2020
“Looking Up” -Once she started adding more comedy and less news to her day, her spirits began to lift. (I don’t know about the bird’s. lol) 4/20/2020
“Take a Bow” – She (as in we) has been doing a pretty good job at social distancing all this time without absolutely losing her mind. PS – Had a major ink spillage somewhere on this card…try to guess where! lol I definitely need to be more careful with these. 4/22/2020
“An Artist and Three Little Birds” – It’s a rainy day in my neck of the woods, and I’m staying in, creating art and keeping positive. Hope you are, too! Today’s blob art is titled, “An Artist and Three Little Birds,” inspired by the Bob Marley song. I suggest you listen to it while doing whatever it is that makes you happy and have a good weekend! 4/24/2020
“Power Walking” – She gets by with a little walk with her friends. Keep moving, friends! 4/28/2020
Click here for blob art portraits demo