On the piece of watercolor paper of your choice (4″ X 6″ or 5″ X 7″), create random brush marks in the center of the paper using light watercolors of your choice. Add more water for a lighter effect and include a bit of slightly darker colors here and there. If it gets too dark, add more water and dab those areas with a small piece of paper towel to lift the color off the paper. (You may want to do this on more than one postcard while you have the supplies out as each one t). (Video)

Using pencil pressure and blending stump to create depth and value.

(Add Vimeo Video: Go to Settings, embed, copy and paste code here…go to hmtl and find where to place video then go back to visual and view to make sure it’s correct. Create link “Download video here” so students can download Vimeo video. *See Week Three, Lesson 2 of ITEACHONLINE…Creating Course on WP)

Using blending stump to spread color and eraser to lift color. (Video)

Touching up and completing portrait. (Video)



WARMUP – Practice applying light pencil marks on scrap paper, barely touching the surface of the paper, as 


FAREWELL Remind them to use REGULAR postage for 5 X 7 postcards due to size.

Thank you for being a part of this class on Expressive Pencil Portrait For Beginners. I hope you’ve enjoyed your lesson and I hope to have you join me in future classes. I would love to see what you’ve created. Remember to post your work on our FB group and tag me so I can see what you’ve created. Keep up the great work. (Video)