The idea behind Free Art Friday is to bring the joy and beauty of art to senior living communities with an engaging activity for all residents. It’s an Art Treasure Hunt for the people we serve!


Small pieces of artwork, created by the residents and other contributors, are given to the Activities Department at least one day before the event. Each piece should be labeled on the back with the following: “FAF,” Name of the Artist, Title of Artwork, and Date. (A short quote or message may be added as well.)

Early on a Friday morning, the art pieces are hidden in the common areas (or outside, weather permitting) to be found throughout the day. Once a resident spots the artwork, he or she may choose to keep it, pass it on as a gift or leave it for someone else to find. Clues may be given for hard-to-find pieces.

This activity was modified by Ileana Prosper Holman for community-based settings. To learn more about Free Art Friday, please read the August 2013 article in L3 Magazine featuring one of Ileana’s portraits.

*For residents who are unable to leave their rooms, artwork may be hidden in their individual rooms.