Art & Wellness PDF for All Residents!

Drawing BW – Step 1

Why draw famous faces?

The right side, or creative side, of the brain is specialized for recognition of pictures and faces, therefore, working with subjects we already know helps us unleash creativity and recall memories. Expressive Portrait Drawing is a therapeutic and rewarding experience and by using an economical medium, such as colored pencils, templates and simple instructions, it becomes a doable and satisfying process for the very beginner as well as the seasoned artist.

This Art & Wellness Packet was specially designed by Professional Artist and NAAP Member, Ileana Prosper Holman, for long-term care settings. It celebrates the legendary Actress/Comedian and a life well lived. Once purchased, please feel free to share copies of the PDF with residents in all levels of care within your community. Portraits can be displayed in common areas or individual rooms, collected or given away as gifts. Suitable for group or in-room activities.

The 5-page PDF includes:

  • Inspirational Story (lifelong learning/memory recall)
  • Art Lesson (creativity/cognitive function)
  • Template (creativity/fine motor skills)
  • Postcard Project (creativity/fine motor skills/communication)
  • Crossword (referencing the Inspirational Story for memory recall/cognitive function)

NOTE: This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD to be DOWNLOADED and printed on US letter-size paper and cardstock. This is not a physical item and nothing will be shipped. 


  • Colored Pencils, Preferably Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils (No sharpening Required, Plastic Barrels for Easy Wipe Down)
  • US Letter-Size Paper
  • US Letter-Size Cardstock (for Template and Coloring Postcard)
  • Safety Scissors and Glue (for Postcard Project)
  • Vaseline and Small Cotton Balls – Optional (for Blending Skin Tone on Cardstock)

"A portrait drawing is a gift that keeps looking back at you."

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only available to Activity Departments in long-term care communities. Contact Ileana at 786-366-1388 for pricing information and to learn more about the monthly program.

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