This art challenge is for anyone interested in creating a Quirky Character inspired by a random watercolor blob. Simply print the pdf HERE (preferably on 40 lb. project paper, however, regular 20-lb. copy paper will work) and cut the paper to 5 X 7 size, leaving a slight border, if you wish.

Look for a nose, eye/eyes, the shape of a face, an arm or leg–whatever inspires you to create a face or figure. Keep turning the paper until you find something you can work with. Using pencil or pen, start adding lines and shapes to turn the blob into a person or animal, real or imaged, and keep your marks loose. They can be scribbles with pops of realism to create interest.

Use colored pens, pencils or the media of your choice to complete your artwork. Experiment and have fun! If you’re not happy with it, you can always reprint and try again, although every piece of art has its charms. For fun and inspiration, don’t forget to post your work on our Blob Art Portraits Page! Happy Mark Making!!