Rainy Day Portraits


One  ART Packet = 3 Activities & Unlimited Copies

The Rainy Day Portraits Program created by award-winning Portrait Artist and NAAP* member, Ileana Prosper Holman, helps promote health and wellness in a variety of community-based settings. Every month the Activity Department receives a new pdf art packet via email to download and distribute for group or in-room activities.

Each packet allows participants to learn interesting facts about a subject inspired by arts and culture, create an expressive portrait of the subject using the art lesson and template provided, test their knowledge and recall ability with a crossword puzzle, and complete a postcard project that will allow them to communicate with family/friends outside of the community.

All packets, designed by the artist, are subject-themed and include the following:

  • Interesting Facts Page
  • Art Lesson
  • Template 
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Coloring Postcard

In addition, participating communities will receive “Printable Previews” and contributions for Free Art Friday.

Goal: Facilitate learning, inspire, and connect.

Objective: Improve the health and well being of the people we serve through art lessons and stimulating hands-on activities.

Benefits of the Program: Provides educational and entertaining material to foster creativity and imagination, enhance cognitive function, improve fine motor skills, and reduce anxiety/depression.

Suggested Supplies:

For more information on the monthly program, please contact Ileana at 786-366-1388.



*National Association of Activity Professionals